Mattress Topper - Memory Foam Cooling Gel Topper

Mattress Topper - Memory Foam Cooling Gel Topper

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- Bamboo fibre fabric used for outer cover. 

Improves Back Support
- The memory foam topper supports your sleeping posture, helping to reduce potential body aches and back pain.

Revitalises Aging Mattress
- Mattresses naturally age over time to become more compacted and hard.The topper improves mattress cushioning, giving you better comfort in bed with fewer pressure points.

Keeps You Cool
- The cooling gel on the topper absorbs and dissipates heat throughout the night to keep you feeling cool and comfortable all the time.

Changes Firmness of New Mattresses
- Not just for old mattresses, the topper allows you to alter the firmness or comfort level of new mattresses to suit your preference.

- Memory Foam Mattress topper comes in vacuum pack. Please allow some time for the mattress topper to conforms to original shape.

*Disclaimer* Coolness of Mattress Topper varies in different room temperature. Memory foam is heat sensitive, so you will feel it work best in air con room. 

* Comes in vacuum pack seal in box. Please air the mattress topper for one to two day before use. 


Single 91cm x 191cm x 4cm,
Queen 152cm x191cm x 4cm